Sunday, April 24, 2011

And Then There's 5

This post has nothing to do with quilting or sewing of any sorts - but this is just as exciting.  The birds - sparrows? - has returned to our hanging planter basket.  Last year they laid 4 eggs, so this year we waited anxiously to see another round of eggs -

First came the nest:

Before you knew it there were 3 beautiful little eggs:

Then FOUR :) - just like last year:

And then - to our surprise - there were 5!:

It's truly a magically and beautiful thing to witness. Each day we watch the mommy bird sit on the eggs (the basket is almost at eye level). I think she's starting to trust us a bit more as each day goes on. First she'll fly away the second she hear us coming, now she sits and observes and usually do not fly away right away.

There is one downside though. The nesting process and lack of frequent watering - I keep the watering of that planter box to a minimal to avoid disturbance to the nest but enough to keep the flowers alive - the flowers in the planter basket is starting to struggle. I want to keep the plants alive because I think the birds like the foliage for privacy and food.  Hopefully the flowers will not all die out :(.  Last year I was able to keep the last of the plants alive until the first of the birds hatched.



angelfitch said...

How fun! My kiddos would love that!!!

Melody said...

that's so neat to see the whole process ~ can't wait to see the hatched eggs!


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