Friday, April 15, 2011

Do You Applique?

I do ... once in a while.  Love doing it but it does take a bit of effort.  For the Framed Blooms quilt I got a chance to do more applique - fabulous :).

A bit of tracing, pressing then clipping and you get a nice looking pile of scraps.  Do you think quilting is a beautiful process?  I certainly do.  Even a pile of scraps begs to be looked at and appreciated.

Of course the results of applique is pretty nice too :P.  After putting together 6 of these framed blooms I was quite happy with the results.  Piecing the quilt top continues...



Tanya said...

Such a happy pattern! I do like to applique, although I haven't done it in a quilt yet.

Crystal said...

ooooooo!!!! I have dabbled but am dying to try it on a larger scale!



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