Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fabric Love #10

Blooms are popping up this week :).  I am loving the gentle flowers from Michael Miller and Henry glass:

I am using Summertime in a new quilt design I'm working on.  I'll be sharing it shortly.  I love delicate but playful florals of both these fabrics.

Two other fabrics that I am featuring this week is also from Michael Miller.  Their blooms are gorgeous.  I used the Poppy fabric for Child's Play-Kohana a little while back and very excited to be able to get my hands more to work with.  The yellow floral is called Blooming Tulips.  Gorgeous isn't it?  

Hope you enjoyed looking at these beautiful fabrics :).



Marcia W. said...

These fabrics are so very pretty. I can see why you like both Blooming Tulips and Poppy Parade. Thanks for the descriptions.

Crystal said...

Michael Miller continuously amazes me with their textiles! Also, I'm not sure that I've ever mentioned it.. but I LOVE how you point out the smallest coloring in the piece. That is a big habit of mine, I accessorize with the smaller tones/colors in a big way and it creates a lovely balance.

Thanks for being awesome!


Lydia said...

Gorgeous!! Your work is beautiful!
I'm your newest follower.


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