Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Belated Weekend Wrapup :)

Been such a whirlwind around here I even forgot to give a wrap up of the weekend.

The weather was GORGEOUS this weekend. Our tulips popped in our new little tulip path. I even got a chance to plant some strawberries, beans and tomatoes. Love being in the garden again after a long winter. I also got in a shipment of Michael Miller fabric. Can't wait to start cutting and sewing with the new yummy fabrics :).


Speaking of cutting and sewing - I am well on my way to my next quilt. Can't wait to show it off.


There's also Spring Wheels #2. I finally finished up the quilting for it. Took way longer than the first quilt. You would think straight lines would be faster to quilt than curly right? Well that's what I thought at least and I was wrong. To quilt along each of the pinwheels took way longer than I expect.  But like any difficult project, the work is always worth it in end.




Crystal said...

I'm taking a big chance tonight and thinking about starting my first machine quilt! My nerves are jumpy about it LOL but I have dreamed about quilting far too long.. time to make it reality! Will be using your tutorials because you explain so well and I feel less intimidated!


jack!e said...

Love the polkda dot fabric! =]


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