Monday, August 9, 2010

Preview of SQUARED

Since I've been busy organizing my sewing room ... and my whole house it seems ... I have found a lot of fabrics I have long forgotten. Most of which I don't even know the name of - just a half yard here or a 1/4 yard there. Nonetheless, I found many treasures in this quest this organize things. So what to do with all these newly found treasures. Celebrate by making a quilt of course :).

Simplicity is the goal and SQUARED is the method.

Here's a quick sketch of the front:

As the names implies it is rows and rows of squares. 16 rows of 18 squares to be exact.

The back will consist of two of these squared rows and the rest will be a solid color that matches:

Simple? CHECK!

I got as far as selecting and cutting the fabrics - all from small pieces I had lying around. Here's a peak at the fabric stack.

A nice mix of solids and patterned cotton prints.

Now it's onto the sewing machine to piece these cuts together. Hopefully I could get some time later this week...

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