Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Blocks - Quilting Along

This quilt has been sitting sweetly on my sofa - untouched, unloved and me completely lost on how to do the quilting for it. After a lot of going back and forth on quilting ideas and techniques, I decided to keep it simple - machine quilting straight lines.

A preview of the front of the quilt:
Line about 1/4" along the OUTER seam of every block. Then 2 sets of lines about 1/5" part down and across IN every block. This help to create a very clean and very secure quilt top.

Here's a further view of the top quilting:
Love the simple pattern that the lines created. Having the pairs of lines about 1/5" apart really made the simple lines pop and created a very nice elegant finish to the top of the quilt.

Do you know the main reason why I couldn't decide on a quilt pattern for such a long time? THE BACK! I didn't want any quilting on the top to distract from pretty fabrics that were repeated on the back of this quilt. I am sooo glad that the final quilting pattern did not 'ruin' the back of the quilt - as a matter of fact it turned out very nicely. See for yourself :):

Simple quilting pattern showed up very nicely for the back of this quilt.

I am so relieved and happy that the quilting is FINALLY done. Once a pattern was decided, the quilting did not take long at all. Now it's time to choose a binding for this baby. Yep, still haven't decided. I don't usually work this this color schematic so I was waiting until all the pieces were complete to see what kind of binding went with it. More on the binding next time.

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