Sunday, September 19, 2010


BOO!  It's that time of year to get in the HALLOWEEN spirit.  Not a huge fan of the holiday but doesn't mean I can't take this opportunity to do something that I am a big fan of: decorating of course :).

My front gate is now ready to great Treat-Or-Treaters:

Here's a quick rundown of how I made this sign.

1.  Cut out the necessary fabrics:
    • For the spider - using black fabric of choice, cut down the body (2 pieces - oval approx. 8"x12"), 8 legs (1.25" x 25") and a head (2 pieces - gumball shape about 5" base)
    • Sign fabric - rectangle (2 pieces -22"x16")
    • Yellow felt - rectangle (2 pieces - 10"x8")
2. Assemble the spider
    • Start with the head - sew seams except for gumdrop base and fill with stuffing
    • Sew legs over itself with a craft pipe or other flexible/bendable material in the center

    • Sew the body of the body together, starting with the head.  When sewing the seams of each of the limbs (head, each leg) place that limb inside the seam and then sew the seam shut
    • Embroider some eyes onto the spider
3. Embroider the yellow felt:
    •  Embroidery - or write with permanent paper - a cool little Halloween image/saying.  I went with the basic BOO! :)
4. Quilt the signage and bind it:
    • Treat the signage fabric like a single sheet quilt top and quilt back.  Layer it with batting and quilt.  I went with a basic straight diagonal crossing lines.
    • IMG_7103
    • Bind with a dark brown fabric.  I machine bind to the BACK then machine bind to the front of the quilt top.
5. Attach the hanging 'rod':
    • I used 2 bamboo skewers - you could use whatever would be long enough for the whole width of the signage.  It just need to be rigid enough to keep the edges of the sign from folding down.
    • Use some of the leftover binding strip to create a pocket to put the rod in.  Sew the ends shut.


    • With more of the leftover binding strip, sew 2 'ropes' or strings and attached to the newly formed rod pocket
    • IMG_7102
6. Attach the yellow felt to the signage:
    • Find a placement on the right side of the sign that you like - leave enough space on the left side for the spider, then stitch along the edge of the sign onto the sign

7. Attach the spider
    • Use a black thread and sewing the spider securely onto the signage.

8. Trim all the loose string, find a place for the sign, and attach :) VOILA!  A BOO! Halloween sign.
    • Make sure that you wrap the spider legs outward.  I wrapped all the legs around a pole on the gate.


There's even a nice view from the back :):

Now I could get into the Halloween spirit a little bit more.  Love looking at this sign every time I come in and out of the gate :).  

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      Army Wife Quilter said...

      very cute. I would hate to leave it out in the elements for any length of time it would get ruined. Happy Halloween

      Army Wife Quilter said...

      very cute. I would hate to leave it out in the elements for any length of time it would get ruined. Happy Halloween

      Hanna said...

      Hi There. I am your newest follower from Tuesday Blog Hop! Lovely Blog:) You can find me at

      Misty said...

      Very cute! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!

      Just Married with Coupons said...

      That is super cute! We love Halloween! We are your newest followers hopping over! Hope you will hop over and visit us too! We also have a hop on Saturdays, we would love you to join!

      Our site is

      Have a great night =]

      Quiltstory said...

      How cute is that! Love the project. So unique!

      Sandy Ang said...

      Too cute for words !

      ★All Thingz Related★ said...

      I love that spider! Great job! Thanks so much for sharing your project with us at Anything Related!

      Ivory Spring said...

      That is so cute! You are so creative!

      Cheryl said...

      Really fun - the spider is so cute. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)


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