Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Rose Update

I went to the baby shower yesterday for baby Rosalyn Baby Rose. I took along my 3 year old son and the Baby Rose quilt. Both were a hit! :P Before she opened the present I told her that I made it from scratch and even as I continue to remind her of it while she was opening it, she was floored when she saw it. Her reaction was "No way!  You didn't make this!! This look like you brought this." At first I was thinking it was an insult because to me hand-made things are always better than store brought. It is made with special care and attention that you will not usually find in a box store. But thankfully that wasn't what Ros meant at all - she was so surprised by the level of skill that it took to create the quilt, she was surprised that it wasn't done by a professional.


I'm glad she loved it and her baby will get good use out of it...though I was a little sad to part of that quilt.  It was the first baby quilt I made like that (different fabric types and completely girly) :(. At least I know it's going to a good home. I could always try to duplicate it right? :P

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