Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Sewing Room Setup

When I became more serious about sewing a while back, I decided to convert our current "everything goes" room to a sewing room.  Out came the boxes, extra clothes, old toys, and tons of other random items.  In went my desk-converted-to-sewing table, my 2 sewing machines (Brother XL-3200 and Juki TL-98Q), a ton of sewing notions, and my on-going collection of fabrics.  The room is still a work in progress but it is growing to be quite a busy little sewing room.

Here's my before and after pictures of the now-sewing room.
The before was a very random room.  It was used an occasional exercise room (re: sit on a exercise bike while playing video games :)), a room for boxes that had no other place in the house, clothes that needs ironing, and even a pinata that didn't get used for a party.  The whole room was pretty much like this.

The after picture.  Well at least part of it...
This is the opposite wall of the room.  The side from the original picture still has the exercise bike but not much else.  The wall shown in this picture is my sewing wall.  My husband put on those two shelves to store quilts in progress, notebooks and miscellaneous items. Below the shelves is my desk-converted-to-sewing-table.  It's a nice size table from IKEA that is sturdy enough for my sewing machine and very roomy.  Notice my printer, sewing machine, stationary setup, and quilts could all fit on the table. When I am working on a big project I do clear the table for more room.  On the front of the picture is a filing cabinet (also IKEA) that I use to store quilts that needs to be ironed.  I still need to find a good way to run wiring in this room - as you can see the floor is still quite messy.

I am still trying to figure out a good setup for all the fabric that I have.  Currently I stack it up by either color or design type in the sewing room closet - but it's also home to random clothes and gift wrappers and that sort of thing.  I'm thinking more shelving on that wall that the bike was against and reorganizing the closet.

Here's a picture of the sewing room closet setup...WARNING - it's a work in progress :P
Most of my fabrics are stacked in this closet - some are organized in boxes or in my living room waiting to be cut into quilts.  This part of the sewing room will need to be REorganized.

As you can see I have quite a lot of work to do on my sewing room.  But it's already turning to be quite a lovely little room with (a little) more room to grow :).

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