Monday, March 29, 2010

Boxed-In Quilt for Sis

Currently Project: Boxed-In quilt for my sister.  She wanted something with a red theme to it, to be used on a couch, and since I'm a time crunch she wanted something simple.  So I went with the Boxed In design pattern:

The basic design looks like this:

The basic idea is for 6 blocks surrounded by sashing on all sides.  The sashing is all one color.  For my sister's quilt I went with a subtle patterned sashing, patterned clocks, and a patterned matching binding.  This finished pattern will be 49"x51" - a good size for a lap quit.

I always like to take a picture of what I refer to as "THE STACK".  It's all the cut fabric needed for the quilt, stacked up and ready for sewing.  It always amazes me how little the fabric stack looks.

Each block was pieced together, ironed and laid out ready for assembling into the top.  You could see from the photo below the block ready to be assembled.  On the upper left hand corner was the sashing strips.
 I went from a patterns that were a bit different from each color but still went will together.  

A closer look at a block. I went with a bold deep red color for the inside, white colored pattern for the middle, and matching exterior patterns for the outer clock color.

While putting the blocks together I was having second thoughts about the color scheme and pattern I picked.  It felt a little too contrasting and a little too bold.  But I chugged along anyways.  And I'm glad I did.  When the top was put together the color scheme finally popped and it's looking to be a very nice quilt.  I'll post more of the progress as I take pictures and finish up the quilt.

Here's a peak of the quilt - still a ways to go but it's looking good.

I went with a free-style wiggly design all around the quilt. This gave the quilt top a finished, cohesive look since the colors were quite contrasting.  The quilting thread is a 100% cotton quilting thread from Gutermann.  I'm using my Juki TL-98Q with the 1/4" quilting foot attachment.

Here's a peak of the binding strip.  It's a different pattern from the top but matches quite well to the overall design of the quilt.  I can't wait to finish this up!

Stay tuned for the quilting progress.

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