Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Adding to the Stash - Piece N Quilt

Had my first order from Piece N Quilt this past week.  Their selection is not that large but what they have is wonderful.  

Here's my purchase - 

Blush Cherry Cordial in Essence and Blush.
I couldn't find a good angle that would show off the beauty of these 2 fabrics.  Believe me the colors and prints are breathe taking.

Half Moon Leaves White
Totally out of my comfort zone getting this fabric.  I'm not quite sure what to do with it and I don't have other fabrics to really match for a quilt.  Maybe a small project?  Purse??? Hmmm...

12 Days of Christmas Charm Pack
Leslie - we'll have to exchange project notes once we figure out what we do with our 12 Days of Christmas pack :P.  My first time doing holiday fabrics too...well it's my first time doing Pre-Cut fabrics too.  I didn't want to commit to a bunch of holiday prints - mostly I'm scared it'll snow-ball.  But this is a nice way to do some holiday projects without over committing :P.

I didn't get around to taking individual pictures of the other fabrics I got (though you look very closely you could kinda of see it in the picture below):
  • Bella solids in Cream and White
  • Essence Fall Flowers Red
  • Blush Be Mine Charmed
  • Frolic Large Floral Cream
Of course - all these have been  tagged and organized.  Hahaha okay, they were my first batch to be organized, but hey it has to start somewhere right? :P

Cheers to new fabrics and thanks Piece N Quilt for a great shopping experience!  Can't wait to use some of these fabrics :).  New projects here I come!


Leslie said...

LOL!!! it was a toss up for me with the charm squares or the layer cake. i went with the bigger cause it meant i had less sewing to do. i think you should go simple!

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

Thanks for the link and sweet comments! :)

Sarah Craig said...

You are right about Christmas fabrics snowballing (pun intended!) - I took out my stash early this year and cut out the pieces for a queen size Around the World quilt and barely made a dent in it! I probably have enough to make two more quilts...... which means I can't buy any more Christmas fabrics until I use up a big chunk of it! Oh no, oh no, it's off to sew I go.....

Ivory Spring said...

Those fabrics are absolutely YUMMY!


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