Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Change of Plans

It seems like I've been working on the Borders and Stripes quilt FOREVER!  Mostly due to lack of desire (I don't really want to work on a big quilt in the heat of the summer) and life (kids, work, etc).  So last week I took a stab at the quilting for this quilt.

And?  Disaster!  I went with a free motion quilt pattern on just the brown part of the quilt top.  BTW, my plan was to have different quilting throughout the quilt.  So after struggling for hours with the string tension of trying to do a dark bright thread for the top thread and off white for the bobbin (the quilt bottom was off white where the browns where on top - I know I know I should of planned it a little better right?), I gave up.  The quilting looked awful!

See for yourself this mess of a quilt job:
Okay, this picture doesn't show you all the awfulness with the quilting, but in person it is hideous.  The dark top thread IS NOT suppose to show on the bottom!  And don't even get me started on the top of the quilt.  most of it is too ugly to even share.

So what do I do?  Seam ripper becomes my companion...for a while...
You could see a little bit of the bad quilting top here.  No matter what I tried the tension of the string did not work.  It was constantly too tight or too loose and when I finally get it right for a little bit, the bobbin runs out and I have to start all over.  ARG!  Is my machine broken?

So - yeah a complete redo of the Borders and Stripes quilting.  Thank God I only did one brown section of these!  The hand quilting will resume after I get all these machine quilting OUT and GONE!


Leslie said...

oh no...sorry that you had to take it apart

Ivory Spring said...

That shows you are a great quilter, Q! Sometimes, we just have to rip those stitches out to make room for the quilting that REALLY makes the quilt.

I am proud of you for taking those stitches out. I have done that too many times... :)


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