Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boys Baby Quilt #2

Finished up my 2nd son's baby quilt today.  I just realized that I didn't even post for quilt #1 yet.  Well better late than never right? :)  It's also a good chance to talk about the different quilting styles I used for the 2 quilts.

For Quilt #1, for my older son Asher, I went with a free motion quilting foot attachment on my Juki.  Asher loves balloons so I tried to mimic some balloon shapes on the quilt.  Here's the results:

Don't mind the strip fabric on the lower right hand corner.  It was originally the binding fabric choice but I have since decided against it.  

For Quilt #2, for Silas, I decided to do something a little different than the other quilt: straight lines rectangles.  For the first time, I practiced with the Even Feed Foot on this machine.  I read that it really helps to keep the fabric of scrunching up on the quilt.  So I went with it.  LOVE IT!  For the first time ever on this machine, I didn't have to worry about pinching.  The Even Feed Foot kept the fabric from scrunching and well....kept the feed even.

So here's Quilt #2 - straight lines horizontally about 2.5" apart, then vertically about 3.5" apart.  The results are cool looking rectangles:


Quilting with the Even Feed Foot was great.  It was so great I even left it on their for a couple of other projects that I would normally use the walking foot for.

Next step on the project?  Binding of course.  Here's the 2 fabrics I've chosen:

The polka dots one goes with Quilt #1.  I stayed with the curly/circular patterns that was on the quilting.  For Quilt #2, I picked the stripes for the binding.  I'm hoping this will continue to create that straight line feel on the quilt.  So there you have it 2 quilts, similar fabrics, different quilting technique and different binding pattern.

Binding pieced, pressed and ready for action:

BTW-Austin TX is definitely NOT on the list of my favorite cities.  Hot, humid, and it was storming!  People say that late spring storm was not common, but I don't care I didn't like it.  Oh well at least the people and the food there is awesome :).


Leslie said...

i love it when the binding is ready to go that means the quilt is almost done

Sarah Craig said...

Cute quilts! I love your choice of quilting styles and bindings.


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