Sunday, June 6, 2010

Making More Napkins

I swear cloth napkins disappear the same way socks do!  I can't believe I'm on my 4th cycle of making cloth napkins already.  Each time I make about a dozen or so and add it to the napkin basket.  But after a few months that basket gets a little more empty and I find myself sewing up more napkins again.

I'm sticking with the same 1 fabric, no fills napkins but this time I wanted to experiment with my hemming foot....notice a pattern? :P The results?  Disaster!!  Okay Okay it was that dramatic, but the results sure wasn't pretty:

 Aren't those the messiest corners you've even seen?

I do like the convenience of hemming foot.  Look how nicely it curls in the edges for a nice even folded edge...  Too bad I can't get the corners to behave!

After wasting like half an hour playing around with this foot and wasting 3 napkin fabrics I went back to my handy-reliable way of making them:

Fold, Fold, stitch.  Much clean look and - for me - a much easier and fun experience.

Neat corners :).  Takes a little more effort but it works for me.

Another 14 9 napkins to add to the basket.  I am crossing my fingers not to make any more napkins for at least another 6 months :P.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

making the napkins is a great idea. ours are getting pretty dingy.


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