Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet Blocks - A Little Bit of Progress

Been a pretty packed few days but I found a little bit of time to do some piecing and pressing for Sweet Blocks.  For the four corners I decided to press to the side of the triangles.

Thought this will give the center of the block some uninterrupted space - no lines, no bulkiness from the seams.

A view from the top:
I don't think it shows up so well in the picture, but in person the center of the block is very smooth while the seam is pressed to the side of the triangle.  I usually press the seams open for quilt tops but I thought pressing to one side would be better for the block.

Stacked and ready for sashing.
Did I mention how much I love the look of neatly stacked ... anything??

For the sashing I went with Moda solid whiteIt'll be a nice contrast to the blocks :).  Here's another pretty stack with part 1 of the sashing pinned.

Pins :).  Beautiful.  I enjoy this process.  

This is the stage where I left off - pressing part 1 of the sashing.  Going to the pressed open seams for pressing all the sashing. 

Hoping I could sneak in some time to finish the piecing of the top and bottom of this quilt.  Here's the wishing :).


Leslie said...

looking good!!!

Sarah Craig said...

Nice orderly stacks are so cheerful, aren't they?? Can't wait to see your continued progress!

Ivory Spring said...

These blocks are indeed sweet - love that center fabric.


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