Friday, April 9, 2010

Disneyland - A Late Post

So this was what we were doing last week:

Greetings from the Magic Kingdom!

The kids (Asher and Silas) had a blast.  We could hardly keep them still for this picture.  Asher (the older one) was wanting to talk to Mickey Mouse the whole time and Silas (the younger one) wanted to poke Mickey's face.  Definitely a great memory.

We had the 3 day pass and it was non-stop the whole time.  Along with Disneyland, there was California Adventures right across the way, and Downtown Disney.  There were rides and sights to see for kids of all ages.  Definitely will consider going back there sooner than later.  Asher was 1.5 inches shy of 40" - the height requirement for the bigger kid rides - oh well.  A lot of the bigger rides has height requirements - 44" and 48".  But even Asher and Silas had enough rides to keep them busy.  Actually we didn't even see everything.

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