Monday, April 5, 2010

The Stash - Adding Stripes - Binding and More

Got a bunch of stripes today - pictured below from
An assortment of colorful stripes from the mail today.

I LOVE stripe fabrics - even before I started quilting. Haha I never really found that many uses for stripes before quilting. There's the occasional pillow top or fringe for a clothing item. But QUILTING has been my lots of reasons for getting stripes - more stripes.  I really like the look of stripes (and polka dots) for the binding of quilts.  It could help create a fun and unexpected finish to any quilt.  Sometimes the stripes serve to tie all the fabrics together on a quilt - having stripes that are similar and goes with each of the fabrics on a quilt.  Sometimes the stripes serve to completely contrast the piece - like an unexpected design to keep the quilt interesting.  Or sometimes it's just a nice fabric that goes with the overall design of the quilt.

Here's a quilt that I used a from polka dotted fabric for the binding.  I didn't want the binding to be the same color as the quilt - but I wanted it to go with the earthy feel of the quilt.  I opted for a olive colored fabric with small white polka dots.
The small white polka dots on olive fabric added a nice contrast from the floral designs of the fabrics on the quilt top.  However at the same time, the color went very well with the earth tones of the quilt top.

For the Boxed In quilt that I'm making for my sister (still in progress :P), I went with a fabric that matches the quilt top - it's  dark red that is almost the same shade as the reds on the quilt top.  The fabric is striped with a very subtle gold/brown design.  I like the look of the slight stripes with this quilt because it gives it a fun finish without distracting from the overall quilt.  It is still subtle enough to maintain the more 'adult' look of the quilt.
It's not pictured too well here, but you could see that the red of the binding matches the red on the quilt top.  The binding also has a stripe design on it.

Can't wait till I get a chance to cut up these new stripes fabrics - probably more binding? BUT maybe I'll use some for the quilt top??? We'll see...

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