Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shipment In - *New* Fabric (The Stash)

I usually use small prints, but I'm going to try something new - BIG prints. Here's the fabric I'm trying out:
Bryant Park Fabrics.  Two with sage tones, one with natural, and one with Rain (blue).  The two on top has big prints and the two on the bottom has slightly smaller prints but has a running border pattern on the length of the fabric.

It's from Bryant Park called Floral Sage Rain, Drop Dots Sage, Floral Stripe Natural, and Park Dottie Olive.
I'm not quite sure what I'm going to be with these fabrics yet, but I really like the big, colorful, flowers. There are 2 designs with long bordering strips. These will probably be cut length-wise to maximize the design of the long borders. I've never done this before but I'm looking forward to trying something different.

In this shipment I also got a bunch of Moda Bella and Kona solid colors. Pictured below are the solids I got. Some I got in anticipation of needed colors I MAY need down the line - like the black and dark brown. Some I got to match the print fabric I just got - green or dark pinks. Others -light pink, light blues, greens - are for some more baby quilts I want make - getting to the age when a lot of my friends are having kids. But whatever the use, I’m pretty sure it’ll get used up very quickly.

A stack of solid cotton fabric from Moda Bella and Kona.

I get a lot of my fabrics online from various sources and some I get from small neighborhood fabric stores. I usually don’t have a design in mind. When I see a fabric I like I usually get it – not much, just a yard or two. If it’s a pretty basic fabric, like solids, I usually get a few yards because there’s more use for it. There are some many great designers and prints to choose from that I don’t want to commit myself to a lot of the same one. I’m sure one of these days I’ll find the need to bulk up with a particular fabric – like if I need to make a bunch of quilts that are similar. But for now I’m enjoying the variety.

I also don't usually keep track of the fabric name or even designer after it's been put into my fabric shelf.  I vow - though probably a vow that I'll break - to organize my fabric in a way that I could pull up designers and names of each fabric.  For now I make sure all my fabric are from reputable sources and for those that are not 100% cotton, it is labeled and organized as such.  The latter half is pretty simple - ALL my quilting fabrics and threads are all 100% cotton.  I do keep fabrics for other purposes - ie: curtains, patching up my children clothing, etc - in a separate area just so I don't get it tossed in with the quilting fabric.

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