Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scrappy Project Continues - Scrappy Pillow

For my scrappy project I decided to make a Scrappy Pillow.   It's also one of my Spring goals to make 2 items that are NOT a quilt this spring.

I made a strip about 14 yards of 2" wide straps. I cut the strip into 22" pieces.  This created about 32 pieces of 22" long and 2" wide fabrics.

I arranged the pieces together to make sure the same colors did not always end up on the same area on the pillow top.  

Making sure that the colors were arranged in a flattering manner.  At first I thought I had enough for 3 pillow tops, but after playing around with it a little I decided that it's better to make just 2 pillows - each a perfect square.

There were enough pieces to create two pillow tops - each 16 piece.  My goal was to have two perfect square pillows.  Just to make sure that there were enough strips to make a square, I only worked on one of the pillows in case I needed to make adjustments to the other.  The impromptu project :).

After sewing and pressing I had my perfect square!
I was so glad it worked out to be a square.  I didn't want to make the pillow any smaller since I wanted an over-sized pillow. To piece it together I used a generous 1/4" seam sew.  

This piece of the project was only the pillow top.  I wanted something more significant than the pieced part to be the pillow top.  I decided to sandwich the pillow top with some batting and add a packing to it - all JUST for the pillow top.

Measuring out the backing:

Then adding the batting in between the backing and pillow top:

What's next? Pinning the sandwich together for quilting, quilting and then decided which fabric to use for the back of the pillow and binding.  I also have to decide what to do with the pillow enclosure.  With kids I want to make the pillow top easy to remove in case I needed to wash it often.  Zipper?  Buttons? Velcro?  Not sure - I'll look around for ideas and hopefully I could finish up this project before spring ends :).

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