Friday, April 16, 2010

Going Through the Scrapbox

My scrap-box (aka the little brown box of leftovers) was getting a little crowded and I needed break from making big quilts.  So I emptied the box the examine the loot.  Here is what I found.

A nice pile of fabrics - ranges to about 3" to 10" pieces.  

Find that there were two main color themes in the scrap pile - light colored (whites, beiges, pinks) and earth colors (browns, reds, greens).  So I went ahead and divided up the piles first to evaluate what I have.  Turns out I have a lot of earth tones, so I decided to work with those.  Still not really knowing what I'm going to do with these scraps, I forged ahead and cut two sizes - 2.5" strips and 2" strips.

2.5" cuts on the left, 2" cuts on the right.

 The piles were done and I still have no idea what I'm going to make out of it, but I did know I wanted to keep it simple and small - I didn't have that much scraps.  So I decided to make a scrappy-strip pillow top.  I didn't really want to start measuring since this project as been so improv, I didn't want to start ruining that dynamic.

I decided to use the 2" cuts to make the pillow top - have no idea how many, or how big.  With no plan in mind, I decided to start assembling the 2" cuts to see how much fabric I actually have.

Assembling the 2" strips in chains.  Start with chaining together 2 pieces each.  Then cut the strings, then chain the chains together.  Keep doing this until you have one big giant piece.  Turned out I had about 14 yards of 2" pieces after it's pieced.

The chain.

Chaining the chains.

The results of hours of cutting and sewing and pressing.
The pieced 2" strip.  Ended up to be about 14 yards of fabric :).

Next I'll have to decided how big of a pillow top I want to make :P.  Hopefully I get more than one pillow out of this exercise. 

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