Friday, April 9, 2010

Modded (Brown) Update: Assembling the Back

I'm taking a forced break from finishing the Modded quilt top - I was short 2 inches from the left and right side of the inner border.  I didn't notice until I got it all pinned - got to the end and notice that I was about 2 inches short.  I'll get those cut this weekend.  I don't like cutting during the weekdays - not enough time and it gets pretty messy with all the equipment and scraps.

So I'm going to move onto the top - until Sunday (plans with the extended family on Saturday - don't you wish you could just skip out to quilt all day instead sometimes???).  For the back of the quilt I decided to do a single patched strip using the colors I used for the inside of the blocks on the front of the quilt.

Here's a refresher of how the front looks like:
Notice the olive fabric and the red fabric on the inside of the blocks - those are the 2 I'm going to use for the back also.

The rest of the quilt back will be the same Moda mocha color as the quilt top. The basic design will look like this:
The two strips labeled 'D' is the same fabric both the 'C' panels. 'A' and 'B' represents the olive and red fabrics alternating.

 On with the work.  Here's The Stash' after the fabric was cut.  I'm always amazed by the tiny stack of fabric - it always seen so...tiny.
Getting it all ready to be pieced together.  This was cut when the quilt top was cut.  I try to do all my cutting at the same time :).

After the piecing, a quick pass on the iron.
Single strip of blocks - pressing it was easy-peasy.

Now I just need to attach those 2 big panels on either side of the block strip and I'm done with the quilt back - well after more pressing of course.  Here's the beauties lined up ready to be sewn together.
All ready for the final stage.

Wow got a lot accomplish in a short time.  What's left on the quilt?  A LOT.  Next, I need to finish the back, cut those mixing 2 pieces for the front, and start putting together the quilting sandwich.  Yes the quilting sandwich.  Ever since I got a huge roll of the Warm and Natural instead of the pre-cut pieces I've been avoiding the batting.

Here's a pretty outdated picture of the roll:
Pretty outdated picture of the Warm and Natural Batting roll.  Don't mind the mess around here - it was during the pre-cleanup stage of the sewing room

Pretty intimidating taking that roll out each time.  But I like it.  It give me the freedom of making the quilts in whatever size the design is.  So far I'm like the off right color of the natural batting.  I try to stay away from bleached material.  I guess if I'm working with a very light colored fabric that I don't want the color to be compromised I will consider getting a pure white batting roll.  But for now, this will work just fine - without the extra bleaching.

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