Sunday, April 18, 2010

Modded Brown Continues - Quilt Sandwich

Time to break out the roll of batting and start sandwiching.  For most of my quilts I like to use Warm & Natural 100% cotton batting.  I brought a huge roll a while back and have been chipping away at it.

A few housekeeping task - clear out the rug area (the largest open space I have in my home right now), occupy the kids with other activities or put them down for a nap (you don't want kids to be running around while doing this task - for starters it takes up the whole living room!), and drag out the huge roll of batting.

I put the batting roll on one end of the room and start rolling it out to the other.  Make sure that there is enough batting for the size, 48"x67" in this case.  Make sure there is plenty enough extra batting on all size of the quilt.  I usually leave about 3 inches on each side.  The batting should be smoothed out completely before putting on the quilt top.

The roll of Warm and Natural spread out and ready for sandwiching.  In this picture I didn't smooth out the batting yet - so make sure you do so before putting on the quilt top!

After the batting is smoothed I lay the quilt top on the batting - make sure to leave around 3" of batting on all sides.  When the quilt top is placed in a good spot - SMOOTH SMOOTH SMOOTH down both the layers.  This is very important - making sure that there is enough batting on ALL sides of the quilt top and make sure that there is an even, flat contact between the quilt sandwich and batting.

When I know that the batting and quilt down is as flat as possible I cut around the quilt top, leaving about 3" of batting on all sides.  The quilt top and batting sandwich is now ready for the quilt backing.

The kids were waking up at this point so I needed to give up my open space.  What I do when I don't have time to finish the quilt sandwich is to roll up the quilt top and batting sandwich together into a log to be used later.
Here's a picture of the quilt top and batting sandwich being rolled up.

I roll about a foot deep along the short side of the sandwich.  Keep rolling until the whole sandwich is nicely tucked into this roll.  

Once the sandwich is rolled up, it could be stored away safely until I am ready to assemble it with the quilt backing.  Hopefully this is sooner than later :P!

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