Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekly Goals: April 28 - May 9

I couldn't wait till Monday, so this will be a long Weekly Goal :).
(will be out of town May 6-9)

Weekly Goals:
  • Baby Rose design *.pdf completed and posted 
  • Completed log for Extended Checkered
  • Hand bind Scrappy Pillow #1
  • Make pillow fill for Scrappy Pillows #1
  • Assemble pillow bottom & zippers for Scrappy Pillow #1
  • "Borders & Stripes" cutting and piecing (design and post to come)
  • Finish Sandwich and basting for Modded (brown)
  • Update Current Projects & Finished Projects lists
I'm not going to be really hard on myself if I don't finish everything on this list.  However I will continue to put any unfinished items on next week' - and continue having it on the Weekly Goals list until that task is complete.  Hopefully this will be a good method to end unfinished projects...haha at least some of them :P.

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