Monday, April 19, 2010

A Spring Challenge!

So one of the blogs I visit often is Tallgrass Prairie Studio.  Today Jacquie and  Spring Challenge.  Premise - list of projects that you want to finish in this spring - six weeks from today.  She's going to have a half way mark check in too.  What a great idea!  I took this as a challenge to think of my own projects and which one I want to set up a 6 week goal of finishing.

Here's what I came up with:
  • Finish Modded Brown Quilt (first quilt that's not ear-marked for anyone!).

    • This is I started already but I am DETERMINED to get it finished by the half way mark in the spring challenge.
  • Start on Extended Blue/White quilt.  This is been cut up and ready for piecing.  Photos and update to come.
  • START a quilt for my younger son. Haha he's over 1 and I still haven't gotten around to making him a quilt yet. The yard part for making quilts for the family is deciding on the fabric. I don't want to make him a baby quilt because I want something that he could use for his awaiting twin size bed. So I still have some time :).  I changed the goal slightly from the original because I really don't think it's possible to get it finished by 6 weeks.  But I am going to at least start on it!
  • Make some NON-Quilt items: pot holders, pillows, place mats, etc etc etc. Oh wait. Ok I'll stick to TWO NON-Quilt items.  Well on my way with the Scrappy Project.
Thanks Jacquie for the quite inspiration and setting goals!  Must resist the beautiful California weather and stick to these goals :).  At least I have these pretty things to look at while sewing:

Two orchards from my living room.  

My OTHER goal (not sewing related) is to keep at least one orchid plant alive for more than 1 year :P.  I heard orchids were easy, but I have been having the worse luck with them.  Here's to setting goals!

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