Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adding to The Stash - First Fabricworm Order

What is a Fabricworm?

According to the fabricworm.com it is "a person devoted to fabric".


If you ever visited this shop (if you haven't then you should!) then you too will become a fabric worm.  Just by browsing around a little you could tell that fabricworm.com has great fabrics.

To a lot of quilters who shop online for fabrics, this is not a new store to them.  But I have never purchase anything from there...before now.  I finally visted their online store, fabricworm.com the other day and I immediately fell in love with about 5 DOZEN fabrics.  I like the way the online stoe was laid out - simple and clean.  They list fabrics by the 1/2 yard so that was little adjustment for me since I usually buy fabric by the yard - just remember to double the price tag.

So what great fabrics did I end up getting?  Here's a sneak of what I got :):


I finally ended up with about a dozen fabric prints - ranging from Moda to Japanese Imports. 

Earthy tones...



More florals...

Playful prints...

Something for the kids...

All except the last picture, I have no idea what I'm going to do with the fabrics.  I just LOVE them! :).  I still need to organize and label these fabrics.  I'll make sure I have the designer and print name when I use them.

Here's my review of my initial experience with FabricWorm.com

Shop Pros:
  • Great layout
  • Gorgeous selection of fabrics
  • Competitive prices
  • Their mission to be more green!

If you can't read the card inserted with the package - it reads "We have no included a paper invoice to help reduce our global footprint."  It touches my GREEN heart ;).

Shop Cons:
  • Cumbersome to add additional quantity to shopping cart
  • A lot of the fabrics where out of stock but still shows in the item listings.  You don't know it's out of stock until you try to add it to your cart (you can't)

Overall Impression:
I would definitely shop there again.  I already have my eyes on a dozen...two dozen fabric prints :P.  I love the circles for the fabric preview - cute!

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