Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Slow Road to Fabric Organization

After struggling with trying to figure out which fabrics I had, how much, and even where in the house I have it at, I finally got fed up with it?  Meet the new me - at least the new me when it comes to Fabric Organization!


What is this?  It's a tag - made from stiff scrapbook paper (no I don't scrapbook but I do love the papers though :P, label sticker with the fabric into (including yardage), a lovely little piece of ribbon, and a safety pin to pin it to the fabric.  And voila!  One step closer to organization - I hope.  Well it can't be worse right?

The tools:
Safety pins, cut up ribbons, cardstock paper cut.  Not pictured but equally needed: magic tape and shipping labels.

After a little while of cutting tags and sitting up my Access database to keep an electronic version of my fabric stash I got 6 fabrics labeled and accounted for:
This is already making me smile and happy anticipating an organized fabric stash.  BTW - more info on the fabrics later - hint it's my next stash from Piece N Quilt.

Hopefully I could get the rest of my fabrics organized in the fashion - or at least die trying!  Just kidding.  But I do really hope that this makes me remember the name of the fabrics so when people ask where I got the fabric or what it is - I could then reply "It's Essence Fall Flowers from Piece N Quilt - it's another Moda fabric". :)

I'll update - hopefully not too long from now - on my completely organized Fabric Stash.


Leslie said...

that is very tidy!!! it would take me years to get that organized

Q said...

Hahaha me TOO! A little bit at a time. It's a process IN PROCESS. Time will tell if this process will hold up. If nothing else, it does make my fabric stash look nicer :P.

Sarah Craig said...

My problem is that I either have time to organize fabric, or I have time to quilt - and quilting usually wins, hands down!! But I'm more of a scrappy quilter, so it's not as important for me to know the names of my fabrics. Good luck to you, though!!

ivoryspring said...

Wow, Q, I am in the process of organizing too. But I am no way as good as you are. You inspire me!


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