Friday, May 21, 2010

A Whole Lot of Baby Quilt Pinning

Today was an evening of quilt sandwich assembling and basting.  That pins out with the safety pins.  What's being pinned?  The 2 quilts I'm making for my boys.

So out with the safety pins and pins:
I didn't get all the safety pins in the picture before I pinned...arg.  But the blue container on the left is usually about half full with safety pins.

First Asher's quilt:

Then Silas':

I absolutely adore these 2 panels - they each feature objects that my sons love the most: robots, balloons, cars, books, bikes, and the outdoors.  What more can a kid ask for? :P

The 2 quilts are rolled up and ready for the quilting machine.
Hopefully I get to it next week.

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