Sunday, May 16, 2010

Enjoying Some Outside Time

Last weekend the family and I drive down to LA for a wedding.  The entire drive took about 6 hours with a few stops along the way.  One of the times we stopped at a patch of grass to enjoy some nice snacks and the boys got to run around a bit.  Guess which quilt I had in the trunk of the car?

Here's a glimpse of the quilt being used:
That's me enjoying a nice warm California day.  My younger son, Silas, is enjoying some juice while watching his older brother run around the grass.  I guess the little guy wasn't a fan of grass - he stayed on top of the quilt the whole time.

Does that white and blue print look familiar?  It's the Extended Checked quilt!


This quilt started with no owner in mind, then it was used as a quilt for my younger son.  But now, it is our picnic quilt apparently.  Every time we plan on a picnic or any activity that involves sitting on the ground, we just bring this quilt along.  It's a great size for the whole family without being overly big and cumbersome.  The completed quilt is about 53"x77".

Here's both of the boys on it - having some fun brother time.
There was a lot of crawling, walking, drooling, and rolling around on the blanket.  

I think the colors goes great with the green grass:
 A closeup of the quilt on the grass.

At first I thought the slight damp of the grass would soak through the blanket but the blanket held up very well.  I couldn't even feel any moisture or blades of glass through the blanket.  So far I have washed it 4 times and it is now in the trunk of my Prius again ready for another outing.

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