Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet Blocks - Cut and Ready

The cutting process for Sweet Blocks took WAY longer than expected.  With some unplanned end of the week activities, a busy weekend, and a couple of cranky kids it was near impossible this week to finish the cutting for this next quilt.  Thankfully by Sunday night I finally got a chance to finish it up.

The Sweet Block's Stask:

Here was the stash pre-cut sitting in my living room for a while waiting for some TLC:
The design was printed and ready.  The fabric was picked and ready.  Me, NOT ready.

All the design prints are from Moda fabrics - Keiki Tweet Tweet and Momo Freebird.  The solids are Moda Bella solids in white and others from the order at Fabricworm.comAgain, I am working on keeping track of fabrics a little more closely, but struggling with it as usual :P.  I just love fabrics and if it's pretty, high quality, goes with the design of the quilt I will not hesitate to us it.  So, I do use fabrics from sorts of designers and collections in the same quilt.
Another reason that I forgot to mention, was it was my first time cutting triangles for a quilt. As you can see from the design below, there are quite a few triangles to tackle:

There's a total of 140 triangles.  I guess it's not a huge amount but it was for me - a newbie when I comes to triangles.  Here's how I went about cutting them:
I cut squares out first and then cut each of the squares in half diagonally.  Each square gave me 2 triangles.  Hopefully I have the measurements correct for attaching it the quilt....

I can't wait to get this quilt pieced together - a big part of it is that I want to see if my design measurements worked out :P since this is my first quilt with triangles.


Ivory Spring said...

Oh Q,

This will be such an adorable quilt. I spotted some Tweet Tweet fabrics -- I absolutely love that line.

Q said...

Yep my first run with the Tweet Tweet fabrics. I couldn't resist it either :). Love love love those designs....colors...everything.


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