Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Am Inspired

Instead of doing a mushroom motif for my new kitchen floormats I've decided to try out the 'Quilt As You Go' that was shown on Red Pepper Quilts:

Picture from Red Pepper Quilts:

This technique will make a great template for my new kitchen floormats :).  I'll eventually want to make a big version for a big quilt, but I will take it slow with a teeny tiny one :P.  More info to come - just wanted to share this new-to-me technique.  Can't wait to start.


Leslie said...

kitchen floormats, but it will be too beautiful to stand on!!!

Sarah Craig said...

I'm dying to try this technique too, it looks wonderful!!

Q said...

Hahah too beautiful to stand on - maybe I'll think so too once it's done :P. I need a small project to practice this technique on.

Sarah - go for it! We'll both try it together :).

Ivory Spring said...

That's too cute!


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