Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sew Sew - Snip Snip

Sweet Blocks Continues On:

Sew Sew:
Each corner triangle is sewn onto the square.  Pins are removed along the way.

Snip Snip:
After triangles are down on, cup 1/4" along the seam out.  The block is now ready for some ironing and sashing.

Blocks awaiting the pressing/ironing line...

IMG_4585Resisting Memorial Day sales tomorrow so hopefully I could make some progress in this quilt.


Sarah Craig said...

Resist, resist! I am trying to, also, so let's see if we make it! Your blocks are looking great, by the way!! Can't wait to see the completed top!

Leslie said...

i love the snowball pattern!! is going to be pretty with such cute fabric.


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