Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Borders and Scripes Update - Piecing Done...

I am loving the colors on this quilt :).  Here's closeup shot of my progress so far. 

Does this fabric look familiar?  It's the Bryant Park one that I cut up into long strips

The main color border has a nice shade of brown in it so I wanted to continue bringing that color into the rest of the quilt, so I decided on a nice dark brown Moda color strip right next to it.  Next to that I went with a green/mustard color to contrast most the previous colors.  Next a beige solid.  To contrast that beige I went with another Bryant Park fabric that uses some of the same design elements as the main fabric strip.  Next beige again, the back to the green/mustard, then repeat the solid brown Moda again.  Repeat again ending with the solid brown.

I pinned 2 strips together at a time, sew, then pin with another sewn strip.  I repeat this process for the whole quilt. 
Here's a picture of 2 strips being pinned together.  Once this one is sewn then I move on to another 2 strips, pin and sew those together.  Then pin and sew with the first to sewn strips. 

And the result?  See for yourself.
I couldn't get the whole quilt in the picture at this time 'cause of space restraints.  But you could get a good feel for the quilt in the picture above.  The completed quilt will be about 74"x80".  

Another view of the quilt top so far:

Some of the strips got wrinkled during the piecing process, but some nice pressing next will get rid of those pesky wrinkles.

Yeah!  Another Weekly Goal completed!

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