Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Assembling the Borders and Stripes Quilt Sandwich

After the quilt top was pieced together - over 2 weeks ago - I got around to starting the quilt sandwich.  The prep work took a while to finished.  My house is pretty small and the biggest area in it happens to be the main living area - aka play area, tv watching area, family hanging out area, ironing area, etc etc.  Well after about 20 minutes of picking up, vacuuming and organizing I finally got my quilt sandwich going.

Here is the quilt top with just the batting in place:

As usual - the batting of choice:
I'm still going through my giant queen size roll of this batting. Love it!

And do you know what happens after a mom gets about 1 hour of alone time in?

AKA: The trouble-makers!

Oh well, the rest of the assembling will have to wait ... arg I JUST finished clearing up the living room floor!  I love those two little rug-rats :).

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