Sunday, May 23, 2010

Adding to Stash & Week's Goals pretty uneventful addition to The Stash the week.  I didn't have time to order online so I just picked up some solid colors at the box store - Joanne fabrics.

Like I said nothing eventful.  They're just some solid Moda cotton that I picked up while out running other errands.  I'll have to make up for such a bland addition to The Stash this coming week :).  FYI I'm not a big fan of Joanne's for print fabrics.  They're good when you're in a crunch and need something simple - like the solid colors.

So, along with some other Weekly Goals for the upcoming week I will HAVE to had additions to The Stash as one of the goals.

It's going to be a little tricky trying to complete the upcoming goals because I'll be out of town and unable to do any actual quilting for 2 days this week.  Maybe quilt like mad for the days that I am home and work on designing the next projects while I'm on the road??  I decided to put the design of my kitchen floormats in the goals for this coming week so I have something to work on while away from my sewing room.

The results of last weeks goals:
A little bit better than the previous week's results.  Notice that I didn't even bother putting Patchy Pillow #2 on this coming week's goal.  I know I will be able to work on it....or have the desire at this point.  I guess I'm just really enjoining Patchy Pillow #1 and don't really have the need for two of them at this point.  I'll try to finish up very soon though.  As much as it does happen, I try not to have unfinished projects floating for too long.  The longer it gets, the lesser the chance of it being finished.

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